Novel Nanoscale Materials Research Thrust

The Novel Nanoscale Materials research thrust of the Center for Advanced Solar Photophysics involves synthesis of new materials that, by design, display unique properties of interest for converting sunlight into electricity. Three specific topics being explored are described below.

Solar-Relevant Bulk Materials Rendered in Nanocrystal Form

Activities in this area:

Novel Shape-Controlled and Heterostructured Nanocrystals

The goal is to synthesize nanocrystals that yield control over carrier dynamics, particularly in the multi-exciton regime. Activities in this area:

Multi-Functional Hybrid Nanostructures

Activities in this area:

Image on top is a regular mosaic-looking pattern with a three-armed smaller pattern highlighted.  An illustration below shows the same three-armed patterns repeated in two interconnected rows to form two six-sided figures.

Nanocrystals with electron-accepting "arms" (top, transmission electron micrograph) could be grown into a continuous network (bottom) to dramatically enhance electron transport in nanocrystal thin films.